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Thursday, 17 Oct 2002

Well I had hoped to be back with news about a brand server and lots of downloads. But unfortunately I do not have the time necessary to keep this website going. So I'm sorry everyone but this will be my last post. I've had loads of fun getting this website up and running but I had no idea it would take so much of my time to keep it going. The website will stay up since I have Episode Guides and such which are always useful. I have updated the links page with all my personal favorite ER websites so that you can still know where to get ER spoilers, news and such from other sites. Thanks to everyone who has come to visit this site and I hope you had a fun time browsing around, keep watching ER everyone. Bye !

Monday, 07 Oct. 2002

There's an ER TV Guide cover and article this week. It talks about all the changes in ER in recent years and how it plans on getting back to it's roots and focusing more on the medical aspects instead of dealing with arrivals and departures of characters. Yay !

Matt Roush a TV Guide critic also answers a few questions related to ER, it's grotesque scene of Romano losing his arm and ratings.


Noah Wyle talks about his future on ER. It doesn't look promising for Carter fans. He doesn't seem to be planning on re-signing his contract after the tenth season. Noah almost seems bored with his current role. I love Carter and Noah but wasn't it only last month that we couldn't stop hearing enough about how much Noah luuuurved being number one on the call list and the star of the show ? What's up with that ?

In a freakish coincidence Jude Law's daughter was hospitalized after the toddler swallowed Ecstasy accidentally. Talk about life imitating art. Hopefully she's expected to make a full recovery.

OK folks that's the news, now I have a website announcement. I won't be updating the site for a short while as I'll be looking for and changing the website to a new server. The new website will have more features, and lots of DOWNLOADS ! I'm excited, so check back and it should be up soon.

Thursday, 26 Sept. 2002

After months of waiting we've reached the big day, the season premiere is tonight, finally ! The VCR is set and I'm ready to go. I really hope the episode is as good as it looks in the promos.

For die hard fans who are still pulling their hair out with anticipation despite less than 24 hrs left to go here's something to take a look at. It's another sneak peak at some scenes from tonight's premiere interlaced with comments from the actors about the episode and upcoming season.

With the season premiere tonight there are two articles out talking about ER's upcoming season and if it can retain it's spot at the top. The first is a in-depth article including interviews with Jack Orman, Mekhi Phifer and Alex Kingston. Interestingly enough Kingston says she would like to return to playing Corday as she was when we first saw her, a spunky surgeon and not so much the Corday we've seen lately.
The second is a critic listing the issues that might cause problem for ER.

ER creator Michael Crichton was robbed at gunpoint and tied up by two men who ransacked his home, fortunately he wasn't harmed.

Some more interviews with Eriq La Salle about him and his movie "Crazy As Hell"

Wednesday, 25 Sept. 2002

As I write this it's little over 24 hours till the Season Premiere, I can't wait. Is everyone excited ? Here's a sneak preview of a scene from tomorrow night's premiere from Zap2it. It's a scene between Carter and Abby.

Noah Wyle and Maura Tierney talk about changes in the ER after all the departures.

Eriq La Salle continues the rounds promoting his movie "Crazy As Hell" There are two lengthy articles about the actor here and here for the Eriq fans.


As I mentioned on Monday that TV Guide has an ad for ER with Carter and Abby in the shower. Someone has kindly posted a scan of it over at the Carby board. Here's the scan.


This is kind of off topic but did anyone else watch Presidio Med last night ? If you did and enjoyed it please ignore what I'm about to say next. I watched it and I was fascinated by the first episode (rolls eyes).  In it we saw a doctor who just found out she has cancer, a baby fight for it's life, a doctor fighting a HMO, doctor's finding insight about their lives through their patients and doctor's walking at a rapid pace down hallways while discussing patients. Hmmm haven't I seen this before somewhere ? It was basically ER without the action, great writing, captivating characters and originality. It has potential but it needs to get more of a life of it's own instead of recycling ER into a clinic setting. That's just my opinion.

Tuesday, 24 Sept. 2002

I've finally taken down the construction sign. Although not every page is complete and the site will keep on evolving the bulk is up and running so I thought I'd take down the sign.

I've also added a new page to the Cast section. It has short bios of the current characters on the show.

On to the news....Tonight on CBS is the debut of "Presidio Med" another medical drama created by the producers of ER. Although most critics have give it a thumbs down here is what Lydia Woodward had to say about the new show in comparison to ER. "We loved ER, but from a storytelling standpoint there was always something frustrating," says executive producer Lydia Woodward, who co-created Presidio Med with her ER boss John Wells. "You could never really dive into the longer-term relationships between doctors and their patients, which is the kind of relationship that most of us hope to have — a doctor who knows us and is looking out for us. Having it slightly tilted toward women doctors reflects where medicine is headed. It is increasingly becoming populated by females."

Monday, 23 Sept. 2002

This just in II !, Entertainment Tonight voted Maura Tierney's outfit as a fashion don't citing it as too informal for the occasion.

This just in !, TV Gal at has voted: "Most Boring Presenters: Noah Wyle and Maura Tierney. No wonder they had no chemistry when Carter and Abby kissed last season."
A few comments have been made about that and also about the way Maura was dressed. My opinion is yes it wasn't a chemistry filled, dressed up (although Noah did look mighty fine), engaging delivery. It was dry but it's only an awards show and they were on for a minute at most. Give them a break.
FYI: Maura does not like wearing dresses or being on live television. No wonder the poor gal looked like she wanted to run out of there at any second.

Post Emmy Wrap Up: Noah Wyle and Maura Tierney did indeed present an award at last night's Emmy awards. They presented the Best Directing for a Drama Series award.
John Wells did not win for "On The Beach" although he was part of the team that won best drama for "The West Wing". My question is John why don't you work that same magic on ER anymore ? Too busy at "The West Wing" ?
"Friends" won best comedy and Jennifer Aniston won best actress in a comedy. How is this relevant to ER you ask ? Well just goes to show ER critics  and producers that a show in it's eighth year can be both successful and award winning if consistent effort is made to make it excellent. Don't get me wrong, I love ER but I think most people agree it could be better than in the past few seasons.

For those ardent Carter and Abby fans, this weeks issue of TV Guide with Henry Simmons and Kim Catrall on the cover has an ad for ER and one of the pics has Carter and Abby in the shower.

ER is featured in a Newsweek article discussing medical lingo accuracy on TV.

TV Guide has named George Clooney the sexiest male of all time on television. Congrats George !

Eriq LaSalle is doing the rounds promoting his movie "Crazy As Hell" You can read interviews with him here and here.



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